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Laser Scar Treatment

Laser Scar Treatment (Opus Plasma) in Clovis, CA

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What is Laser Scar Treatment?

Each person has aspects of their complexion and body that they hope to fix. At Clovis Laser Center, our expert team offers effective Harmony XL PRO scar treatments. This effective procedure works to shrink the size of a scar and rejuvenate your skin. Scar reduction with the Harmony XL PRO can address just one or a number of scars. As an added bonus, we are able to use it throughout different parts of an individual's frame. No matter what created your scar, you may desire to decrease the lasting reminder of your trauma or injury. During your consultation, Dr. Timothy Roth will assess your scar tissue to find out if scar revision will benefit you. We invite you to reach out to our team in Clovis, CA and arrange an appointment to determine if this treatment could be ideal for you.

Laser Scar Treatment FAQ

How many laser-based scar treatments are encouraged?
Every individual's dermatological health is personal, and some men and women may require a higher number of procedures in comparison to others. However, many patients will typically require 4 – 6 laser scar treatments to obtain maximum benefit. Throughout your first assessment with Dr. Roth at Clovis Laser Center in Clovis, CA, we can identify a personalized treatment plan to obtain your skincare goals.

How soon can you have laser scar treatment following a wound?
The cause of a scar influences the span of time it is recommended to wait to get laser-based scar treatments after the scar's creation. For instance, if the mark originates from a medical procedure, it is often acceptable to carry out a laser-based scar treatment following just several weeks of the sutures being taken out, which provides a period for the opening to cure thoroughly. Acne marks, on the other hand, can be addressed with laser therapy once the underlying acne flare-up is addressed.

Does laser scar treatment entirely repair scarring?
Unfortunately, no approach is known that would entirely remove a scar. Nevertheless, laser-based scar treatment is a valuable treatment for significantly reducing a scar's appearance.

Is laser scar treatment an uncomfortable experience?
Most clients consider laser scar treatments to cause minor discomfort. The individual experience will be greatly influenced by the kind of laser used, the extent and width of the affected skin region, and the individual's own ability to tolerate heat. Women and men who have experienced the procedure usually describe the pain as mild, especially with the pre-procedure application of an aesthetic numbing cream.

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