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What to Know About Shaving Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Have you made the decision to get laser hair removal in Clovis, CA? If yes, congratulations on taking a step toward smoother, virtually hair-free skin. Laser hair removal is an effective solution for people tired of constantly shaving or waxing. To help you prepare for laser treatment, Dr. Timothy Roth provides what you need to know about shaving before your appointment at Clovis Laser Center.

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How does laser hair removal work?

Excess hair can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for many people. Luckily, laser hair removal can be performed on the face, arms, underarms, chest, legs, bikini area, and more. The process involves using concentrated beams of light to target the melanin in the hair follicles. The heat from the light damages the follicles, inhibiting further growth. Treatment with Soprano ICE is safe for most skin types and should not cause too much discomfort.

Why should I shave before laser treatment?

It seems counterintuitive to shave before laser hair removal, but it is crucial for the success of your treatment. This is because shaving removes the visible hair above the surface, meaning the laser can more accurately target the follicles below.

Ideally, you should shave within 24 hours before your appointment at Clovis Laser Center. This allows the treated area to rest and avoids irritation or inflammation that might interfere with the treatment. To ensure excellent results, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Use a clean, sharp razor
  • Shave the area gently in the direction of hair growth
  • Avoid applying too much pressure to prevent cuts or razor burns
  • Rinse the skin thoroughly with warm water
  • Do not use any aftershave, harsh soaps, or scrubs on the shaved area

Can I wax, pluck, or use depilatory creams for excess hair?

No, it is not recommended to wax, pluck or use depilatory creams before laser treatment in Clovis, CA. These methods take out the entire hair follicle, making it difficult for the laser to target and damage it effectively. Additionally, waxing and plucking can cause skin irritation, making it more sensitive to the laser. In fact, Dr. Roth advises patients to stop using these methods several weeks in advance of their appointment.

What else should I avoid before laser hair removal?

Avoiding additional activities can help ensure a more effective treatment with the Soprano ICE. These include:

  • Sun exposure: Exposure to UV rays increases your risk of skin irritation. Avoid sunbathing as well as tanning beds. If you have to be outdoors, wear protective clothing and sunscreen.
  • Antibiotics: Some antibiotics make the skin more sensitive to light. Consult with Dr. Roth if you are currently taking these medications.
  • Perfumes or deodorants: These products contain chemicals that may react with the laser. Avoid applying them to your skin on the day of your treatment.

Safe and effective hair removal

When excess hair is causing you self-consciousness or discomfort, laser hair removal can be a life-changing solution. You can achieve amazing outcomes by following these guidelines and choosing an experienced provider like Dr. Timothy Roth at Clovis Laser Center. Book your first session with Soprano ICE in Clovis, CA, and start your journey toward virtually hair-free skin.

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