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When Should Patients Begin BOTOX® Treatment?

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More and more young people each year are turning to cosmetic injectables – something that was once reserved primarily for patients in their 40s, 50s, and beyond. Now, many men and women begin using cosmetic injections as early as their 20s in order to enhance their natural look or delay visible signs of aging. Without a doubt, one of the most popular injectable products among patients of all ages is BOTOX. At Clovis Laser Center in Clovis, CA, board-certified physician Dr. Timothy Roth and our expert team of cosmetic injectors perform BOTOX injections on adult patients of almost every age. Here, we’ll take a closer look at when it may be the right time for you to start using BOTOX.

What does BOTOX do?

The most well-known cosmetic application for BOTOX is to smooth out expressive lines and wrinkles. In our youth, these lines – known as dynamic lines – come and go as we make certain facial expressions and muscle movements. Over time, however, the lines often begin to become more visible, even while the face is at rest. With BOTOX injections, the underlying muscle is temporarily “frozen” (paralyzed), which forces surface lines and wrinkles to relax, giving patients a smoother and more youthful look. Common lines that can be treated with BOTOX include:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Glabellar lines
  • Brow lines
  • Frown lines

What’s the right age to start getting BOTOX?

Historically, most patients begin to use injectable wrinkle relaxers once they start noticing dynamic lines and wrinkles appear on the face. This often occurs between ages 30 and 40. However, a growing number of men and women are choosing to use BOTOX in their 20s and 30s as a preventive measure – one meant to slow or delay the development of dynamic lines and wrinkles. BOTOX can also be used to relax the upper lip, creating the illusion of added volume. This technique, known as the BOTOX lip flip, is also common among younger patients.

Do I need BOTOX or fillers?

Fillers and wrinkle relaxers are two of the most popular classes of cosmetic injectables, each of which is designed for a different purpose. As mentioned above, injectable wrinkle relaxers – like BOTOX – smooth out dynamic lines and wrinkles by forcing the temporary relaxation of facial muscles. Injectable fillers address another type of line, known as a dynamic wrinkle. These are often thought of as the classic wrinkles, folds, and facial lines associated with aging – such as marionette lines and nasolabial folds. Filler injections can also be used to augment the lips, restore lost volume in the cheeks, and minimize sunken under-eye circles.

Another difference between BOTOX vs. fillers is that the effects of BOTOX are not immediate. While fillers provide almost instantly visible enhancements, BOTOX takes about a week to become effective. After that, the results of BOTOX can be enjoyed for about 3 – 4 months on average, whereas fillers provide up to 12 – 18 months’ worth of results. Still, keep in mind that these two types of injectables are not interchangeable. In fact, the most beautiful and natural-looking results can often be achieved with a combination of both BOTOX and filler injections.

You may be more ready for BOTOX in Clovis, CA than you think

Whether you’re already starting to notice lingering lines or you simply want to get a jump start on your anti-aging routine, BOTOX may be right for you. To find out if you’re a good candidate for BOTOX injections in Clovis, CA, call Clovis Laser Center to schedule your consultation with board-certified physician Dr. Timothy Roth and our leading team of cosmetic injectors today.

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